Thursday, May 16, 2013


A lot has happened in the past few weeks, and there are about five different posts I need to write. I need to tell you about my last ballet performance at Briarwood, I need to tell you about my waterfall story, I need to tell you about my graduation, and I need to tell you about my pony obsession. But all these things will have to wait, because yesterday something happened that must be vocalized.
So I was at Claire's with The Captain to pick up a few things as a present for my friend, and he has this mild obsession with buying me things (working on it), so I approved a thick pair of leggings (which look very snuggly and warm; perfect for Ireland!). I bought my stuff and moved over to examine the interesting earrings while The Captain made his purchase. I found a weird pair and was about to turn and show them to him, when I saw the saleslady bagging the leggings, peeking up at The Captain, smiling, and saying, "These are a penny." "Oh... thanks!" I turned back to the earrings, pretending I hadn't noticed.
But I noticed.
It was like this ocean suddenly exploded into a tsunami and was all, "EXCUSE ME WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE?"
And then the calmer side, which is more like a little puddle of rainwater, was all, "Dude, chillax. I bet she just thinks he's a sweet person for hanging out with his girlfriend, because she can't have missed that you're his girlfriend."
The tsunami considered this for a minute. "Maybe. BUT I DON'T CARE."
This entire conversation was entirely internal and took only about five seconds. The Captain didn't notice a thing.
Later, he said, "These only cost a penny." and explained what had happened. I kind of smirked and said, "Was she flirting with you?" "I think so. I don't know why she thought I was hugging you, though. Obviously you're my girlfriend."
"Well maybe she was just being nice because she thought you were sweet." I used my puddle's argument.
And actually we were just now talking and the leggings came up and I was all, "The leggings that only cost a penny," and he was all, "You didn't see it happen, but I really think she was hitting on me," and I was all "*amused fake laughter no I didn't see a thing*".
Ahem. Sorry.
It's not like I'm worried someone's going to steal him away from me. I trust him too much for that, even if I don't understand why he wouldn't pick someone else over me. It's just that... I don't like people touching my stuff. It bothers me just a little bit. I am, after all, jealous by nature.
But it's okay. Like I said, I trust The Captain. And hey, maybe that little puddle in my head is right, and that lady was just being nice.