Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Essay On Doctor Who

For my English class, we had to take out a subscription to the New Yorker magazine (we got a discounted student price), and we've been using it for most of our assignments. When we write a big essay, it's derived from a particular article. For our third essay, however, we could pick any article in any issue we'd received, so I was aimlessly flipping through a random issue when I found...

A New Yorker article on Doctor Who.

So yes, I get to write an English paper on Doctor Who. SCORE!

I came up with topics and planned out exactly what I was going to say on each one: the beginning of Doctor Who, the different Doctors, notable companions, fan disagreements, modern 'Who' versus classic 'Who,' the upcoming anniversary... but then reached my word limit while still discussing the regeneration cycle.


So now it's just a paper on how Doctor Who has lasted so long, namely the Doctor's ability to regenerate. But I got so excited and enjoyed writing about it so much that I'm thinking about writing the rest of the papers anyway, just a blog post on each topic with my own opinion. Because that's one thing that is annoying about writing a paper: I can't cite myself as an ultimate authority.

I just think it's cool that I get to write about Doctor Who for school. I wrote almost the whole thing in one afternoon and used examples from fifteen different episodes and different Doctor Who blogs and just had a ball.

I also added English as my minor, so I guess it's good that I'm still enjoying it.