Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top 25 Most Played Songs

iTunes comes with a Top 25 Most Played playlist, and every few months I like to look at mine and see how it's changed since the last time I checked. These days, it doesn't change much because my ultimate favorite songs have settled into their roles, and since I continue to listen to them, they stay there. But sometimes I look at a song and wonder, "Why did I listen to this song so many times?" So here I am, explaining why I've listened to these songs so many times, and why I will probably listen to them again and again and again.

My #1 most played song, having been played 174 times, is Savin' Me by Nickelback. I'm not sick of it yet. There's something so striking about those first few chords before Chad Kroeger's voice mourns, "Prison gates won't open up for me". As it is with most of Nickelback's slower songs, the lyrics and music are just absolutely beautiful, and it's one of those songs that makes me just stop and smile for a minute. It's also one of those songs that makes me wonder why so many people hate Nickelback with such a vengeance.

My #2 most played song with 149 plays is, strangely, Tainted Love by Soft Cell. I don't know how this song got to #2. I mean, I love the song, but...It's just trange. I was introduced to this song by a 2005 episode of Doctor Who, so it's held fond memories, but that's hardly the whole story. It's got a catchy beat and is fun to sing along with, but...I still don't know why I listened to it 149 times.

My #3 most played song, at 146 plays, is Free by Vast. I can understand this song's placement. I love it. Vast is awesome in general, and the distant cry in the beginning of the song, followed by the sharp electric guitar, is a perfect beginning. The lyrics have attitude as well, and it doesn't hurt that they fit a few of my characters perfectly.

My #4 most played song has also been played 146 times, and is also by Vast. Here starts out slow and quiet, but gets plenty loud later on. The lyrics are amazing, and this is the song where Jon Crosby holds a note for over ten seconds. Whenever I sing along, I see if I can hold it as long as he can, but I never do.

My #5 most played song, played 145 times, is Why Don't You & I by Santana Feat. Alex Band (not the Chad Kroeger version). This song always, always, always, always makes me grin like an idiot and want to dance around. The lyrics are so sweet and the tune so catchy and fun that I can't help but listen to it over and over.

My #6 most played song, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, has been played 143 times. This was probably the first GGD song I ever heard, and it's still my favorite. It's so sad and beautiful and it always sounds like John Rzeznik is pouring his heart out into the words. I know I am when I sing along.

I've listened to my #7 most played song 141 times, and that's just counting on iTunes, because there was a time when they played Fireflies by Owl City all the time on the radio. While not my favorite Owl City tune, Fireflies is still amazing, and those first bubbling notes are charming in such a way that very few people can resist it. And let's not forget Adam Young's amazing voice and nack for spectacular song-writing in general.

My #8 most played song, currently at 138 plays, went on a hiatus a while back because I could sick of the first few aggresive guitar chords, and it still managed to stay on my Most Played Playlist. I'm talking about Sound Of Madness by Shinedown, the song with one of my favorite lines, "You can sleep with a gun, when you gonna wake up and fight?"

My #9 most played song also takes breaks every now and then, because Fake It by Seether is a song I've listened to for so many years that occassionally I get a little sick of it. But I've still listened to the catchy rock song 135 times, so it must be pretty awesome.

My #10 most played song is another by the Goo Goo Dolls, but it's not been played 132 times because it's sad and beautiful. Slave Girl is catchy and gritty, with the voice of rougher voice of Robby Takac instead of John Rzeznik. Normally I prefer Rzeznik, but I can't imagine Slave Girl being sung by anyone but Takac. it's a really short song, too, which is probably why I've listened to it so many times.

My #11 most played song is my favorite Owl City song. Vanilla Twilight is beautiful, sad, and hopeful. I once listened to it and only it for a day when I was sick, and I also choreographed a dance to it, which probably contributes it it being played 125 times.

My #12 most played song is another short one, and has been played 122 times. The very first AFI song I ever heard (on Smallville), Prelude 12/21 is haunting and creepy, the recurring line, "Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep", always giving me chills. Plus it's always seemed like this song makes Davey Havok's voice sound amazing (of course, it always is, even when he's screaming).

My #13 most played song is Mr. Brightside by The Killers, played 121 times. The catchiest Killers song, and it gets points for using the word 'lullabies' (which I have some strange fascination with) and finding a word that it rhymes with (alibis).

My #14 most played song is another song I listened to a lot at one time but is still on the playlist. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse has been played 120 times, and is probably one of the most epic songs ever. It's been featured on both Supernatural and the Twilight movie (or at least, it was on the soundtrack. I can't actually remember if it was ever in the movie), so Muse got exposed to all kinds of people. It's hard to beat Matthew Bellamy's voice.

My #15 most played song has only been played 118 times, but sometimes it starts to get a bit old. Not for too long, though. True Romance is easily my favorite She Wants Revenge song. It starts out with some quirky notes (synthesized?) that lead into Justin Warfield's unique voice singing, "Open your eyes and see me", which, while not obviously dark and edgy, further lead into an angsty song of awesomeness.

I admit it, my #16 most played song is Lady Gaga, Just Dance. But c'mon, Just Dance is super catchy, and I myself love to dance, so hey, of course I've listened to it 116 times.

My #17 most played song has been played 115 times, and it'll probably keep on moving up the list. Open Wounds is my favorite Skillet song, which is saying something since all of their songs are so awesome. The beginning is just so amazing that you can't help but listen to the whole song of angry-but-sad-and-confused lyrics.

My #18 most played song has also been played 115 times, but since it used to be higher up in the playlist, it might not be as much of a favorite anymore. Yet another Vast song, Somewhere Else To Be is an old favorite with customarily haunting Vast lyrics, and Jon Crosby displays his amazing talent some more.

My #19 most played song is more Lady Gaga, and usually I like Starstruck even more than Just Dance, but Starstruck, at 114 plays, has never quite caught up with Just Dance. I have a strange obsession with songs mentioning stars (even if they don't really have anything to do with stars), and since Starstruck also has a good beat, I've listened to it quite a lot.

My #20 most played song is more Nickelback, and I'm surprised there's a 19-song gap between Nickelback songs on this list. But I've only listened to Far Away 114 times, and it's not even my second-favorite Nickelback song, so there you go. Far Away is sad, lovely ballad that again asks the question, why do so many people hate Nickelback?

My #21 most played song finally brings up Thousand Foot Krutch, one of my favorite bands. I don't think I could pick a favorite TFK song, but since I've listened to Fire It Up 112 times, this song must be one of them. Trevor McNevan's voice coupled with hard electric guitar and moments of soft piano with hushed whispers makes this song EPIC.

My #22 most played song brings us back to AFI, and what might be considered as Prelude 12/21's conclusion. I've only listened to Miss Murder 111 times, which is a bit sad, considering how awesome the song is. Not only does Davey Havok (who, by the way, has the best name ever) get to display his gorgeous voice, he also gets to scream. It's got a catchy beat and one of the best choruses ever: "Hey, Miss Murder, can I, hey, Miss Murder, can I..."

My #23 most played song has also been played 111 times, but I think I prefer Miss Murder to Blue Foundation's Eyes On Fire, however awesome the latter may be. Eyes On Fire is creepy in all the right ways, and is hard to sing along with because of the all the perfect rhymes (which is hard to do if you're not Danish.

My #24 most played song also has 111 plays. Walk Away From The Sun by Seether is an old favorite (though maybe not as old as Fake It), and is full of angst and portrays a picture of a weary, morally-blurred traveler finally giving up on hope... Oh, is it just me who sees that?

And my #25 most played song is Just Like You by Three Days Grace, 110 plays. It's curious that Three Days Grace hasn't come up before, since they're one of my all-time favorite bands, but there you are. Just Like You is probably my favorite though, from the good old days (just kidding, I only really like 3 songs from TDG's first album).

The last few songs tend to fluctuate all the time, switching around between Three Days Grace, Seether, Nickelback, Atmosphere, and, strangely, Alexi Murdoch and Adam Lambert.

And that's my Top 25 Most Played Playlist as of 9/29/11. No doubt the last few songs will be different in a month or two, but I have no doubt that Savin' Me will always be on top. I never get tired of that song.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Romance - Just Add Water!

So there's this article containing the recipe for a hot guy.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA *wipes tears from eyes, chuckles some more*

This is just so entertaining. I giggled the whole time while reading it, grinning from ear to ear at the fantabulous advice. Muscles like marble (statuesque hot guy), abs like mountains (reeeally tall hot guy), and biceps that'll pull your eye out ( his biceps have tentacles?)!

So far my mental image is of a hundred foot tall statue with tentacles. He-ello, sexy.

For a more serious view of this super-entertaining recipe, check out my friend May May's article:

Obviously, Miss Jennifer Knight's recipe irritated dear May May. That's understandable, and I suppose I would've been on a rampage too if I'd been in a different frame of mind upon first reading it. As it was, I just giggled and chuckled appreciatively, treating it like a good joke rather than serious advice. If budding authors do take this seriously, the world will end and I will eat my laughter.

May May manages to go through the whole 'recipe' while including better advice and ties it all up with a great metaphor, so reading her article is actually meaningful whereas Miss Knight's is really only good for a good laugh (sorry, Miss Knight...). May May's right about the personality issue, but we have to keep in mind that this is a recipe for a hot guy. Not a good guy.

So I say read both articles. First Miss Knight's, then May May's. They're both pretty awesome for completely different reasons.

On an unrelated note, how about that Marilyn Manson music video directed by Shia Labeouf? AKA, Shia The Beef. Dear Mr. Beef, Holes is one of my favorite movies and you're a decent actor, but I am now terrified of you. Signed Anonymous because I don't want you knowing my name.